Thanks to an early season loss to Notre Dame and a setback against Agnes Irwin, Episcopal Academy's 12-year stranglehold on the girls' Inter-Ac lacrosse championship is likely at an end.

However, if you thought the Churchwomen would simply slink away into obscurity, you don't know the Crager twins.

"No, definitely not," Jane Crager said after host EA overwhelmed Springside Chestnut Hill, 15-6, on Friday.

"Our coach (Josie Ferri) keeps saying just because the season is winding down doesn't mean we can't make changes and improve on our game. It's never too late to change our attack or defensive style. We're always looking to improve, and I think that will help us in the final games."

Despite temperatures in the 80s, Jane scored three goals and added two assists. Her fraternal twin, Lily, netted three goals. Sophomore Corrine Zanolli also added three goals.

"Our coach prepared us and said their team is really, really fast," said Lily, her face still stained red by effort, her brow still dripping sweat. "And especially on a hot day like today, it was hard to stay with them, but that's something we practiced, and we were able to execute that today."

Jane and Lily, who grew up on Long Island, hope practice continues to make perfect next season at Michigan, where they will play lacrosse together.

There, they will also continue to push each other, just as they do their younger sister, Katie, a freshman, who also scored a goal Friday.

"I definitely have a connection with [Jane] on the field," Lily said. "Especially toward the latter stages of the season. . ."

"I also think that we're very competitive," said Jane, who is five minutes older. "So if [Lily's] doing really well in the game, I have to do even better. And that's the same thing with our younger sister, Katie. It's awesome being able to play with all of them. It's such a unique opportunity and something that we've really taken advantage of."

Disappointment in league play notwithstanding, Episcopal still hopes for another opportunity: a playoff rematch with Agnes Irwin in the Pennsylvania Independent Schools Athletic Association (PAISAA) tournament.

"The rivalry between us and Agnes Irwin has definitely been getting more and more competitive over the years," Jane said. "Although we had a tough loss to Notre Dame and a loss to Agnes Irwin, which was really close, we're still looking to finish out the Inter-Ac with big wins and go into PAISAA and go against Agnes Irwin again."

Springside Chestnut Hill 3 3 - 6

Episcopal Academy 8 7 - 15

EA: Jane Crager 3,Lily Crager 3, Corrine Zanolli 3, Colby Gallagher 1, Katie Crager 1, Olivia Cunningham 1, Taylor Lucey 1, Lauren Repke 1, Christy Palazzese 1.

SCH: Sinead Brierly 2, Mikaela Watson 2, Taylor Ferry, Natalie Schwartz.

Saves: EA-Sydney Gagnon 7; SCH-Elsa Rall 13.