Sam Tomasetti walked to the plate in the fifth inning and roped a two-run single to left field.

Reva Alderman followed her in the lineup, just like she has in nearly every game since they were 9 years old.

"Outta here" the scoreboard operator for the Garnet Valley softball team said as soon as the ball made contact with Alderman's bat.

She was right: The towering fly ball sailed over the fence in left for a three-run shot. A two- to three-minute period Thursday perfectly encapsulated the contributions of the Jaguars' two senior captains.

Tomasetti is a contact hitter who almost always finds a way to get on base, while Alderman is pure power.

"There's nobody out there that has a 1-2 punch quite like those guys," GV coach George White said.

Through nine games, the production of Alderman and Tomasetti has been sensational. As the No. 3 hitter, Tomasetti has a .741 average, 20 hits in 27 at-bats, and an on-base percentage of .743. Eleven of her hits have gone for extra bases and she has knocked in 18 runs.

Batting in the cleanup spot, Alderman has been just as great, hitting .613 with five doubles, a triple and seven home runs. She also has 25 RBIs for the Jaguars (6-3), who have won six straight.

"She's got such a pretty swing that any kind of connection, it is going to go. She is such a strong kid." White said. "Sam is more of a contact hitter where she sprays the ball around. Sam's stats sneak up on you because she'll have a double here, a triple there, a single and moves runners over."

Tomasetti hits for contact and Alderman hits for power, but the differences don't stop there.

Tomasetti has been the starting shortstop since her freshman year, while Alderman started at second as a freshman before moving to catcher as a sophomore, and now plays third.

Tomasetti, a Hofstra recruit, is outgoing. Alderman, bound for Lehigh next season, is quiet.

And then there's the pink flower Tomasetti has worn in her hair each game since she was a freshman. She's superstitious, always has been, she says.

Alderman - who opts for a visor - said with a laugh, "It's just Sam."

Tomasetti bought the flower at Walmart the day before her first varsity game. She's never been into bows, she says, and isn't sure why she picked the flower. "It is kind of girlie. I'm usually not girlie."

But the shortstop had a great game, so the flower stayed.

If Tomasetti's rituals are "just Sam" then what's just Reva?

"When she's up to bat - if I were a pitcher I'd be scared, I wouldn't pitch to her," Tomasetti said. "She has this intense look on her face that you know she's going to hit it."

Beyond the differences is a similar work ethic, a businesslike intensity that all but ensures the duo will get the job done. The fact that they've played in only one District 1 Class 4A playoff game in their careers is stunning.

"We've had many opportunities in the past and we just haven't really jumped on them. Hopefully this year we will make it," Alderman said. "We are out here for a reason, and we are going to get it done."

Against Harriton on Thursday, Alderman sat on a bucket in the dugout, eating sunflower seeds.

"Sam, you're up," her longtime teammate reminded her.

Tomasetti looked at the batter's box to see that she was indeed on deck.

"I told you you were up soon," Alderman replied, doling out a high five.

It doesn't always work this way, Alderman assured. Sometimes Tomasetti has to remind her.

They finished the game combining to knock in nine of the team's 19 runs.