The Delran native and Rutgers graduate has scored twice in the U.S. women's soccer team's first three games - all victories as the Americans get ready for their quarterfinal against New Zealand. Here are her thoughts:

"Left Manchester, the home of the world famous Manchester United, where I had the unique opportunity of playing at Old Trafford. Being there will remain a memorable moment forever.

"After a 3-hour enjoyable and scenic bus ride we arrived in Newcastle. Another famous soccer city and a really pretty city! The thing that caught my eye immediately upon arrival was a bridge with Olympic rings on it. This bridge is near our hotel and it looks amazing. The people are friendly and have been great hosts thus far.

"Yesterday was a pool recovery session for those who played a lot in the game. In the evening we had an amazing team dinner. The team atmosphere was a togetherness type of atmosphere. As usual I ordered pasta to get in my fix of carbs in preparation for Friday's game against New Zealand.

"Today we had our pregame training session. Personally I am at the peak of my form! Never felt this good in my life. My teammates and I are all looking forward to continue to play good soccer and win. I will spend the rest of the day preparing with my usual stretching techniques, hydrating and mentally preparing for tomorrow's gameday challenges.

"The game against New Zealand is going to be huge. They are going to fight for every ball and I refuse to look past this game for one second. I am going to continue to focus on what I need to do to help my team win and advance into the semifinals.

"Until next time."

-- Carli

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