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Telford company brings home the bacon for Kotsenburg

Snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg wanted a medal out of bacon, and Godshall's Meats was happy to oblige.

The Olympic medal made of bacon for Sage Kotsenburg.
The Olympic medal made of bacon for Sage Kotsenburg.Read more

SNOWBOARDER SAGE Kotsenburg won the first U.S. gold at the Winter Games and then tweeted: "Ahh I wish the Sochi medals were made out of bacon thoooo..!!"

Consider it done.

Godshall's Meats, of Telford, made Kotsenburg's wish come true by fashioning a medal out of turkey bacon.

"Our niche is turkey products that mimic pork products," Ron Godshall, the company's vice president for manufacturing, said yesterday. "Especially for an athlete, bacon is something that is pretty much off their diet. We make a product that not only they can eat it, but it's low in fat, high in protein. It's the type of thing that they're looking for.

"We just got to thinking, 'Wow, we have exactly what he wants and he probably doesn't even know it exists.' "

He does now. The bacon medal has gone viral.

"We were really touched, we sent out a tweet to him about this, and he actually responded and said he liked it," Godshall said. "That was really cool if you think about it. I mean somebody like him who wins a gold medal . . . you can imagine all the people trying to contact him. I guess bacon rose to the top of the list."

Godshall said the 69-year-old company tried yesterday to get the bacon medal to Kotsenburg before the taping of last night's "Late Show with David Letterman", but the courier had car problems on his way to New York.

Maybe he can make a side trip to this area and bring the bacon home.

Kotsenburg has had a whirlwind of an Olympics.

Last week, after winning the gold, he mentioned that he'd like to go home and visit his family.

A generous benefactor made his wish come true.

"A man gave me his ticket so I could get on a flight home to see my mom and dad tonight!" Kotsenburg tweeted last Friday. "I only have 1 day with my parents at home too so I am extra excited I get to see them!!!!!"

A gold medal, a trip home, bacon and Letterman. Who could ask for anything more?