CLEARWATER, Fla. - Ryan Howard has won his salary arbitration hearing against the Phillies.

He will make $10 million this season.

The Phillies had offered $7 million.

"It was some good news to start of the day," Howard said after the team's workout. "It's a good feeling. It's always a good feeling to win. But either way, it's a win-win. It's a substantial raise either way."

Howard smiled easily as he talked on his cell phone outside the Phillies clubhouse. Teammate Jimmy Rollins gave him a high-five on his way back to his locker.

The $10 million is a record for a player who has won a salary arbitration hearing. Alfonso Soriano earned $10 million from the Washington Nationals in 2006, but he actually lost his case after seeking $12 million.

Andruw Jones had won a record $8.2 million from the Atlanta Braves in 2001.

The Phillies suffered their first loss in arbitration. They are 7-1.

Phillies assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. wouldn't say whether this ruling will affect the potential for a multiyear deal.

"I think it's a little fresh in our minds right now," he said. "We'll just worry about getting ready for the season and moving forward."

It was believed that reaching an agreement with Howard on a multiyear contract is going to be difficult. He was seeking a contract far in excess of the seven-year, $100 million contract extension that the St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols received in 2004.

"This is too fresh in our minds right now to even start dealing with that kind of stuff," Amaro said. "I think what we're focused on now is, one, it's over with. And, two, we've got to go play baseball now."