A Philly tradition: Voting early, and often

NEW YORK - Phillies fans have done a fine job of stuffing the ballot boxes.

Major League Baseball on Tuesday announced the first update on fan voting for the National League all stars, and five Phillies are in the lead in votes at their positions. Two more are in second place.

Even Jimmy Rollins, who has played 11 games at shortstop in 2010, would be an all-star starter if the voting ended today. Voting ends July 1.

Rollins, second baseman Chase Utley, third baseman Placido Polanco, and outfielders Jayson Werth and Shane Victorino all lead their respective positions. Catcher Carlos Ruiz and Ryan Howard are each in second place behind two Cardinals, Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols. Utley, in fact, leads all NL players with 687,724 votes.

Polanco has a tenuous lead, with the Mets' David Wright trailing by 73,071 votes. And Victorino, as the third outfielder, leads the Dodgers' Andre Ethier by 32,458 votes.

Victorino said the Phillies' recent success - along with their constant presence on national TV - can only help when the fans across the country vote.

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel will also manage the NL all stars for the second straight season. Last season, he said he wanted to take as many of his own players as he could. This year, the fans could make it easier for the manager.

"That's OK with me," Manuel said.

Rollins has about a 31,000-vote lead on Florida shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Since he went back on the disabled list last week, it's highly unlikely Rollins can maintain his spot.

That is, unless Phillies fans continue their voting pace.