WASHINGTON, D.C. - Just two days after the Phillies shocked Major League Baseball with the acquisition of Cliff Lee and two hours before the Philadelphia organization held a press conference for him, former Phillie Jayson Werth was being introduced as the newest member of the Washington Nationals outfield.

It was just one of many times Werth's former team seemed to overshadow his new one during Wednesday's press conference.

"I missed that in Philly - what happened?" Werth said, straight-faced to the first reporter that asked him about Lee's return.

Other comments about his former team included a reference to Jamie Moyer, recent post-season successes, and how the Nationals' lineup compares to their National League East rival.

"I've definitely moved on and I'm excited about being a National," Werth said. "Obviously the news in Philadelphia - they got their boy back I guess."

"That's fine. It's good. If you are going to be the best, you have to beat the best," he added.

In between fielding questions about his former team, Werth stressed that the Nationals' young talent and potential was a major reason he signed with the team.

"Baseball is a funny thing, it has ups and downs," Werth said "One thing I saw with the Nationals teams over the past few seasons playing against them, is just a grittiness and will to win, although they have had some rough seasons the past few years."

"They have some talent, it's very young and unpolished. That's one thing I look forward to helping along the way," he added.

Werth, who has played for three different teams since 2002; the Toronto Blue Jays, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia, also stressed that his seven-year, $126-million contract's longevity provided his family with stability, something he felt he hadn't had yet in his big-league career.

In Washington, Werth is expected to play right field and bat clean-up.

The organization also hopes he will become the marquee player and offensive force the Nationals need, especially after losing Adam Dunn to free agency.

"I love hitting here, I think the numbers have shown that," Werth said of Nationals Park. "It's a good division to hit in. I'm glad I'm staying in the NL East. I know the parks, I know the teams, I know the pitchers."

"Anytime you go on the field and play for a team there is going to be pressure," Werth said. "I'm coming to this team and this city to be involved in something much greater than we've seen here before."