A team that might look good in plaid

As the region's blood pulses a little bluer with the equine extravaganza cantering on in Devon and the last hounds finding their way back to their estates after the Radnor Hunt, Low&Outside reader Sandy Sorlien (Putney School, Bennington, Roxborough?) sends some suggestions for an All-Preppy/WASPy-Sounding American League team.

These player selections have nothing to do with their skill, only their names. They also have nothing to do with their actual WASPiness - some are black and one is part Navajo.

The National League team, loaded with Padres, will be revealed in the future. It is always exciting when the Phils play them and Chase Utley, Chase Headley, and Nick Hundley are all on the field at the same time.

The selections:

1B: Chris Davis, Rangers

2B: Brian Roberts, Orioles

3B: Chone Figgins, Mariners

SS: Brent Lillibridge, White Sox

OF: Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox

OF: Milton Bradley, Mariners

OF: B.J. Upton, Rays

C: Landon Powell, A's

DH: Adam Dunn, White Sox

RHP: Kyle Farnsworth (Rays), Trevor Cahill (A's), Tyler Chatwood (Angels), Lance Pendleton (Yankees), Nathan Adcock (Royals)

LHP: John Danks, White Sox

Manager: Eric Wedge, Mariners

All-star emeritus: Carlton Fisk

Actually, he's hitting better than Babe Ruth

Chicago White Sox lefthander John Danks weighed in on the shouting match he and Jays slugger Jose Bautista got into over the weekend after Bautista demonstratively reacted to popping out with his team ahead by seven.

"I just told him to run the bases," Danks said. "He was out there acting like a clown. . . . He was out there acting like he's Babe Ruth or something. "I've had a pretty [bad] year to this point but I have pride still. I'm not going to let him sit out there and show me up like that."