LoMo and Twitter

At first Logan Morrison thought Twitter was, well, lame. He didn't exactly say "lame" - being 23 years old and a Dave Chappelle fan. But you get the idea.

Now he's hooked and has more than 26,000 followers.

Pretty awesome, considering he's less than halfway through his first full season in the major leagues and plays for the Florida Marlins.

About Twitter, LoMo notes: "It's amazing how many people take you seriously. I don't take it seriously at all."

About LoMo on Twitter, Marlins team president David Samson notes: "I'm not a dinosaur. But I'm not thrilled. . . . It takes an entire career to build a reputation, and one tweet to lose it. As long as he understands that, it's fine."

A sampling of LoMo Tweets:

"Bought a satellite dish. Guy told me Id get a TON of HD channels. Last time I buy anything in Publix parking lot."

"Breaking news: sprained ligament in my foot out 2 to 4 weeks. Told u fantasy people not to pick me up."

When it comes to Twitter popularity, Morrison can't rival Nick Swisher (1.3 million followers), Jose Canseco (394,000), or even Ozzie Guillen (143,000).

But he figures the best way to gain ground on them is with base hits.

"I've told Logan," Samson says, "no one will care about his tweets if they're coming from New Orleans."

That's where the Marlins' triple-A team plays.

Dodgers make payroll

The Los Angeles Times reported that Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has paid his major-league bills - roughly $9.8 million - for now.

The ability to make payroll gives McCourt more time to reach a settlement with his ex-wife and former team CEO Jamie McCourt.

Making progress

The Giants got an encouraging sign from Pablo Sandoval, who took early batting practice and could be close to a rehab assignment.