A team Muffy could get behind

The envelope please, for the All-Preppy/WASPy-Sounding National League team. Pirates first baseman Lyle Overbay almost made the cut with his game Sunday, but as with the AL team named May 31, these selections have nothing to do with players' skill, only their names. The selections also have nothing to do with players' actual race, ethnicity, religion, or familiarity with crew, lacrosse, or squash.

1B: Aubrey Lewis Huff III, Giants

2B: Chase Utley, Phillies

3B: (Tie) Chase Headley, Padres; Ty Wigginton, Rockies

SS: Brian Bixler, Nationals

OF: Cameron Maybin, Padres

OF: Hunter Pence, Astros

OF: Jayson Werth, Nationals

C: Nick Hundley, Padres

RHP: Chad Billingsley (Dodgers), Tyler Clippard (Nationals), Brandon Beachy (Braves), Blake Hawksworth (Dodgers)

LHP: Madison Bumgarner, Giants

Manager: Don Mattingly, Dodgers

All-Star Emeritus: Ferguson Jenkins, Cubs

That's using the old bean

It seems Major League Baseball is taking a dim view of letting players police the game themselves. As a result of some chin music the Nats and Diamondbacks played Sunday, managers Kirk Gibson (Washington) and Jim Riggleman (Arizona) will be getting a day off and a fine, and Nationals pitcher Jason Marquis and Arizona starter Esmerling Vasquez will also pay. Marquis is suspended five games, Vasquez three.

Justin Upton was beaned four times in the four-game series while D'backs pitchers hit Jayson Werth three times. Adding to the bad blood between the teams, Nats catcher Wilson Ramos circled the bases slower than a Galapagos turtle on a glacier of molasses after hitting a homer.

Gibson said, "We hit a few of those guys, and they hit a few of us, and the games were very intense and very even, so I thought that was a good series overall, good baseball."