A FEW WEEKS ago, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel sent Eagles coach Andy Reid a text message that said, in essence, keep your head up.

On Wednesday, Manuel was asked his opinion on what Reid is going through in this tough, 3-9

Eagles season.

"I pull for Andy Reid," Manuel said. "I want him to win games. I want him to win a championship. I want the Eagles to win. I want them to win a Super Bowl. At the same time, I'm sure he's doing the best he possibly can. That's kind of how football goes. That's kind of how baseball goes at times. Just like his season is not doing good, so people are going to talk about him.

"Like, I think that Andy Reid, knowing him, he's a very . . . he's a very good coach, and he's tough, and I'm sure he'll be OK."

- David Murphy