THE PHILLIES do not yet have a news conference scheduled for seven-time All-Star Michael Young, who agreed to a trade to become the team's third baseman on Saturday.

But Young, 36, who had spent his entire major league career with the Texas Rangers, spoke with media in Dallas on Monday. Young took more than 48 hours to waive his no-trade clause.

"Baseball was easy. I wanted to go . . . It was a great opportunity in Philadelphia," Young said. "I was very pleased with the role outlined for me. I was ready, ready for a different challenge. I like the fact that it's something new for me at this point. I'm ready to kind of see what that's like."

After being used as a designated hitter for the majority of the last two seasons, Young said he's ready to "pour everything I have into third" base.

"Switching around the field is tough, it is really hard," said Young, who won a Gold Glove at shortstop in 2008 but played all over the infield in his 12 seasons in Texas. "It's just really tough to stay in a rhythm when you're doing different things on defense . . . I'd be with Adrian Beltre, the best defensive third baseman I have ever seen. In spring training, he'd be taking groundball after groundball after groundball. I'd be right there with him, and then I'd go pick up my second-base glove and go over there. So I missed out on countless reps. Doing an equal amount of work, but at different spots."

- Ryan Lawrence