A teammate of Roy Halladay for three seasons, Placido Polanco says he is pulling for the Phillies righthander.

After a 14-2 defeat against the Miami Marlins at Citizens Bank Park, Halladay told reporters Sunday that he has been suffering from right-shoulder discomfort. He said he would be examined after the team travels to San Francisco on Monday.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said it is likely that Halladay will be placed on the disabled list.

After seeing Halladay struggle and then hearing of his injury, Polanco could only offer best wishes for his former teammate.

"It is tough," said Polanco, who went 1 for 5. "I know he competes and is a great teammate, a great person, and I feel for him."

The Marlins third baseman said that few players could endure pain more than Halladay.

"If he says he is hurt, he is hurt," Polanco said. "If he had a little pain, he wouldn't say anything."

Maybe the Phillies wish he had said something sooner. Halladay said he began experiencing soreness the day after he allowed just one run in six innings during a 5-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 24.

Halladay said he thought he could pitch through it.

Amaro said he first heard of the injury after Halladay left Sunday's game in the third inning.

"I guess he thought it was the normal kind of postgame soreness, and he threw pretty well for a couple of games," Amaro said. "He hasn't been on our injury report, and he will be now."

At least that explains to Amaro why Halladay has allowed 17 earned runs in his last two games covering six innings.

If "the man is hurt, he is hurt," Amaro said. "We have to try to get him well and move forward."

Polanco, batting .255, will be pulling for his former teammate, hoping Halladay can regain his health and his old form.

"I hope he gets that taken care of," Polanco said. "I hope he comes back like the winner that he is."