JIMMY ROLLINS reached the 1,200 milestone in runs last week with a solo homer against the Reds at Citizens Bank Park. He is just the second Phillie to reach that level, joining Mike Schmidt (1,506).

And among all current National League players, only the Rockies' Todd Helton has crossed the plate more times for a senior-circuit team, thanks in no small part to former Cardinal Albert Pujols taking the money and running to the Angels two seasons ago.

Here are the active players who have scored 800 or more runs while playing for NL teams (*currently on DL; through Thursday):

Player NL Seasons Games Runs

Todd Helton1997-13 2151 1367

Albert Pujols2011-11 1705 1291

Jimmy Rollins2000-13 1839 1201

Lance Berkman1999-12 1769 1110

*Rafael Furcal2000-13 1605 1059

Aramis Ramirez1998-13 1850 971

Juan Pierre2000-13 1602 881

Adam Dunn2001-10 1448 865

Matt Holliday2004-13 1243 828

Jose Reyes2003-12 1210 821

David Wright2004-13 1306 815

*Chase Utley2003-13 1236 800