Not only has Ryan Braun been disgraced by illegal PED use, he has been made poorer.

Nike confirmed that it has terminated its contract with Braun, who has been suspended for the remainder of this season. Braun wore Nike gear and the company sold T-shirts with such slogans as: "Braun owns Milwaukee" and "Big Bat Like Braun."

The Milwaukee slugger has lost nearly all of his endorsement deals in the two years he has been connected to performance-enhancing drugs. Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip canceled its "Lunch With Ryan Braun" promotion; Wilson is no longer carrying a Braun-model glove; and his deal with Muscle Milk was not renewed last year. Add that to the fact that he's not getting a paycheck from the Brewers during his suspension, and you're talking serious drop in income.

Braun isn't the first Nike-wearing sports figure cast off by the shoe company. Nike dropped Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in 2007 after his dogfighting conviction and PED user Lance Armstrong in May. For what it's worth, Nike re-signed Vick when he joined the Eagles after serving 21 months in prison.

Fenway Park showing its age

Here's another reason that venerable Fenway Park is not a favorite with visiting teams: Two reporters had to climb out through the top of a stuck stadium elevator Saturday night after the Diamondbacks' game against the Red Sox.

Steve Gilbert of and Todd Walsh of Fox Sports Arizona were returning to the press box after the Sox's 5-2 win when their elevator got stuck before reaching the second level.

After a ballpark worker could not get the car to move, they climbed through the top and out through the second floor. They were stuck for about 20 minutes, Gilbert said.

Fenway celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. It is the oldest ballpark in baseball history. The Red Sox have put $285 million into renovations since 2002, but the building still shows its age in many places.

World of hurt

Mariners reliever Stephen Pryor has been shut down for the season with a triceps injury.

Royals catcher Salvador Perez, who was struck in the mask by a foul ball on Saturday, is going on the seven-day concussion D.L. - Inquirer wire services