THREE LITTLE WORDS for all you Eagles fans who went ballistic when a photo of Domonic Brown wearing a white Dez Bryant Cowboys jersey appeared on his Twitter feed yesterday:

Get over it.

Reaction to the pic - which included a guy who looks like Phillies pitcher Mike Adams (to Brown's left) - was swift and, for the most part, hate-filled.

"I'm starting a #TradeBrown page you got to go!" wrote one tweeter.

Another wrote that Brown had committed an "unforgivable sin."

Still another wrote: "Leave. Philly. Now."


Because he's a Cowboys fan?

Granted it wasn't the smartest thing to do. The Eagles-Cowboys rivalry is as intense as any in sports, so Brown must have known he would cause a stir.

But he's got every right to root for any team he wants without being called an "idiot" and far, far worse.

Brown grew up in Florida so it's odd that he's a Dallas fan. But it's not like it's breaking news.

Just last month he tweeted a photo of himself wearing a blue No. 88 jersey.

Here's a news flash for you: Brown will probably cheer for the Cowboys again when they host the Eagles in late December.

To which we say, so what?