The Phillies agreed more than a week ago to trade Jimmy Rollins to Los Angeles, and there are no indications that the deal is in jeopardy despite a delayed official announcement.

The Rollins trade is tied to a separate transaction - the six-player deal between San Diego and Los Angeles - that has not been finalized. Matt Kemp, the centerpiece of that trade, underwent a physical examination Tuesday in San Diego, according to various published reports. The Dodgers, according to a Los Angeles Times report, were under the assumption Wednesday that nothing endangered the trade.

Zach Eflin, a 20-year-old Padres prospect the Dodgers will receive in the Kemp trade, will go to the Phillies in the Rollins deal. Another Dodgers minor-league pitcher, Tom Windle, is the second piece in the package for Rollins. That exchange was agreed upon Dec. 10.

The Phillies will not comment on pending transactions.