The 2008 Phillies had a lot going for them. The lineup featured thunderous young bats, Cole Hamels was bursting onto the scene, and Pat Gillick's vision for guys like Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth was coming to fruition.

But the bullpen was hardly a weak point, and while Brad Lidge threw the final strike, the guys behind him proved to be solid all year. Chad Durbin was one of those guys, hurling 87.2 innings and allowing only 28 runs while Lidge was probably getting warm. He had lost out on a spot in the rotation to Adam Eaton, though unlike Eaton, Durbin actually made it onto the post season roster.

35-year-old Durbin will be retiring from the game, reports Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, and will work for a bat company. Durbin's last few years haven't been nearly as successful as his '08 season. He enjoyed some success with the Braves in 2012, and 2013 even saw a return to the Phillies, but he failed to bounce back, allowing 16 runs in 16 innings.

All in all, Durbin has played for the Royals, Indians, Diamondbacks, Tigers, Phillies, Indians again, Braves, and Phillies again, over a 14-year career that ended with a 5.03 ERA over 836.1 innings and one World Series ring.