WHO: Mike Dufner, Ocean City, N.J.

OCCUPATION: Security consultant

WHAT: A turnstile from Connie Mack Stadium turned into a cocktail table.

CONDITION: The turnstile itself is in excellent shape, with no broken or missing pieces. The glass top is removable.

HOW IT WAS ACQUIRED: "I won it at a sports fundraiser for the St. Dominic's \[Holmesburg\] swim team back in the 1980s. I paid $50 for it. The person who donated the turnstile for the fundraiser was a personal friend who worked on the demolition of the stadium. For 20 years, it sat in my basement until I followed through with the idea of turning it into a table. The top is two pieces of glass, in between which I have inserted pieces of Phillies memorabilia. At one of the settings, I also have a 2003 minor league baseball card of my son Kris, who played in the Tampa Bay Devil Rays organization."

WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS WORTH? "Lelands.Com auctioned one off in 2009 for over $2,000. At that auction, it was noted that the piece was one of five remaining. So, I guess it would be worth somewhere between $2,000 and $2,500."

WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS: "Turnstiles are one of the more collectible forms of stadium memorabilia and are quite rare. We have handled several Shibe turnstiles over the years and they remain among the more desired of the defunct stadiums."

ESTIMATED VALUE: $2,000-$3,000.