MINNEAPOLIS — Following a second opinion on his fractured back, Freddy Galvis will spend at least three weeks in a back brace without any physical activity. The Phillies rookie second baseman will miss significant time with the injury, but the team is not ready to proclaim his season over.

Galvis, 22, suffered a pars fracture of his L45 vertebra. Phillies head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan said the injury did not happen on one specific play. Galvis has dealt with minor back pain since at least this past winter.

He must wear the specially designed brace at all times except for when he showers.

"The biggest thing right now is trying to get him comfortable," Sheridan said, "make him feel better and get this to heal."

Sheridan said it is not an uncommon injury for players — Mets third baseman David Wright fractured his lower back last season — and typically it happens in younger players. Galvis sought a second opinion Tuesday from Peter Moley at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

If after three weeks Galvis has not shown improvement in healing, he could be constrained to the brace for a longer period.

There is no timetable for his return, although whether he plays again in 2012 is in doubt.

"I don't know yet," Sheridan said. "When we get to three weeks, we'll see where he's at. A lot depends on how he responds to the first three weeks."

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