The Phillies have cited a need for pitching and outfield help this offseason, and seem prepared to move swiftly. With Marlon Byrd already secured for the 2014 season, Ruben Amaro may be turning to his bullpen issues as his next mission.

The first name to pop up is 29-year-old right handed Cardinals setup man Edward Mujica. Mujica is an eight year league veteran, having spent seasons with the Indians, Padres, and Marlins before winning the National League pennant with the Cardinals in 2013.

Mujica appeared in 65 games for the Redbirds, throwing 64.1 innings and keeping his earned runs at a compact 20. He made his first All-Star team with the highest WAR of his career, 1.5, while making $3.2 million.

He would not be a terrible option, but the squirrelier issue actually comes from the Phillies' end - Amaro apparently wants to offer a reliever three years. This is a bit of an overshoot for a bullpen arm, a lesson one would presume could be learned from Jonathan Papelbon's deal.

But, the Phillies' relief corps is in desperate shape. It wasn't until the season's later months that young arms like Justin De Fratus, Jake Diekman, and B.J. Rosenberg started to stabilize, and even Antonio Bastardo began to pull his weight by the end of his year, accumulating a 1.42 ERA in July and August over 15 innings of relief. Papelbon proved he that he is still capable of imploding, and Mike Adams was a lost cause.

Mujica could be a valuable piece, but three years is a long time to commit to a reliever; and one would think Amaro would be a little gunshy to offer so much by now.