WHO: Chris DeLuca, South Philadelphia

OCCUPATION: Heavy equipment operator for Philadelphia Gas Works

WHAT: A piece of red-striped wallpaper from Veterans Stadium, upon which is written. "66,000 OZ OF VODKA CONSUMED BY - BILL GILES." The Phillies co-owner affixed his signature beneath it in black marker.

CONDITION: Some water stains along the top right edge. However, the inscription and signature field are clean.

HOW IT WAS ACQUIRED: "It was 3 days after they leveled the stadium. I go for a walk after dinner, and I could see there was a gap in the fence, so I slipped through it. There was a security guard in the vicinity, but it was later at night and it looked like he was kind of sleeping. I took a walk around and I saw it there sitting on top of the pile, this wallpaper with red and blue stripes on it and attached to a piece of drywall. I broke off a 12-by-7 piece. Of all the things I could have found there, this is what I found. I guess it came from their executive offices. No wonder they always had losing teams back then."

WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS WORTH? "I have no idea. A lot of people say it has no value now because Giles is still alive. But to somebody who is an extreme Phillies fanatic ... I have no idea what they would offer. Giles can have it back for some tickets."

WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS: Not available.