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Sports betting: Vegas Vic’s World Series pick; NFL, college football lines

Odds for Tuesday's opener, the Eagles are favored by a field goal over Jacksonville, and Penn State is laying 5.5 to Iowa.

Boston's Chris Sale faces the Dodgers Clayton Kershaw in Tuesday's World Series opener.
Boston's Chris Sale faces the Dodgers Clayton Kershaw in Tuesday's World Series opener.Read moreDavid J. Phillip / Associated Photo


Game 1/Tuesday, 8:09 p.m. Fox

Red Sox, Chris Sale -$140 vs. Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw +$120

Game 1 preview | Series schedule

Series odds

Red Sox -$145 vs. Dodgers, +$125

First Home Run of Game 1

No HR: 3-2

Solo HR: 6-5

Two-run HR: 3-1

Three-run HR: 10-1

Grand slam: 50-1

Odds to win series MVP

J.D. Martinez: 6-1
Manny Machado: 7-1
Mookie Betts: 7-1
Justin Turner: 8-1
Andrew Benintendi: 10-1
Clayton Kershaw: 12-1
Xavier Bogaerts: 12-1
Yasiel Puig: 15-1
Chris Taylor: 15-1
Max Muncy: 18-1
Chris Sale: 20-1
Cody Bellinger: 25-1
Rafael Devers: 25-1
David Price:  30-1
Joc Pederson: 30-1
Ian Kinsler:  30-1
Steve Pearce: 30-1
Matt Kemp: 40-1

Vegas Vic’s pick

Can you imagine Steve Carlton, Bob Gibson or Nolan Ryan standing in front of a microphone, with a straight face, saying that they had to spend the night in the hospital due to an infection from a BELLY-BUTTON RING?

Props to Chris Sale for the attempt at comedy, but piercings aside, Sale is a question mark. Or a handful of question marks. He was on the shelf for over a month from the middle of August to mid-September with a shoulder problem, and we'll probably never know why he spent the night at the hospital.

What we DO know is his fastball, which ran up to home plate like a pea, and was humming at 97/98 mph before the shoulder issues, dropped down to an average of 92 mph against the Astros. We also know that since coming back, he has not pitched more than 5 innings, and has been very un-Sale like in the playoffs, allowing 6 hits, 4 earned runs, and 6 BBs over 9 innings in his two starts.

The Dodgers are gonna trot out their horse, Clayton Kershaw, and with two wins and a loss so far in the playoffs, thinking about a little tickle. One interesting note to close: Los Angeles posted a 40-25 record against opposing lefthanders, while Boston was just 21-16. Hmmmmm. Thinking a piece on the Dodgers, with a $50 wager to win back $65.

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