EAGLES CAREER: Selected in the third round of the 1973 NFL Draft from the University of Michigan, Logan started and finished his career primarily as a safety (1973-1983). A two-time All-Pro selection (1980, 1981) Logan snagged 23 interceptions for a total of 293 yards. In his final season, he was also utilized as a kick/punt return specialist.

WHERE IS HE NOW: Logan didn't stray far from Philly as he now works with adjudicated teens at Saint Gabriel's Hall in Audubon, Pa., where he is the assistant dean of student affairs. It's a career that has filled both his schedule and his heart. "We are a residential facility for boys with disciplinary problems and while some people see us as a juvenile detention center, we see it more as a reform school for these youngsters," said Logan. "It's amazing to see the impact you can have on a child's life. Personally, it's that eye-opening moment when they realize they can change for the better and they are able to say 'thank you' and you know it's sincere; it just doesn't get any better than that."

EAGLES MEMORY: Logan still proudly wears the ring he earned as a member of that memorable 1980 NFC Championship team that defeated the Dallas Cowboys to vault into Super Bowl XV. But he says that it serves a purpose in what he does at the school, in showing the kids that hard work - especially done as a team - can reap results that are "priceless." "I still wear that ring and a lot of the kids look at it and the first thought that comes to their head is 'how much is that worth?' " said Logan. "It's a great opportunity for a story where I tell them that I got a chance to earn this ring through being a part of a team of that had great camaraderie. So many of us were friends both on and off the field, which helped to make sure that we weren't leaving anyone behind. A lot of them see the ring and have no idea all the hard work it took to get it. It's really gratifying to explain it to them and watch as they understand that it holds a value to me that is just priceless."

PERSPECTIVE ON THE GAME TODAY: Logan feels that too much of today's game is hyped by marketing and promotion and that there are a lot of players looking to "pad their stats" instead of playing solely to improve the team. He also fears that a lot of today's rookies - which he referred to as "young impressionable minds" - are looking to see what they can get out of the game instead of what they can put back into it. "I just feel back then it was more of a team concept where as today, everything is so centralized around dollars," Logan said. "I mean, by all means, go after what they give you, but these young guys in the league need to step back and realize that money only helps you to be what you are in the first place - whether it's for better or worse."