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No sex needed to get her Series tickets

The woman allegedly willing to trade sex for Phillies tickets is getting them without sex. And Michael Smerconish says she shouldn't have been hassled for her request anyway.

Susan Finkelstein, the 43-year-old Southwest Philadelphia woman allegedly willing to trade sex for Phillies tickets, is getting her tickets without sex.

On Friday, Finkelstein, the assistant PR director of Penn's Wistar Institute, will receive two tickets for Saturday's Phillies-Yankees game, the first one to be played in Philadelphia and the third in the World Series.

Chio, of Chio in the Morning on WIRED 96.5-FM, and the Northeast Philly car dealer Gary Barbera will present the tickets to her at Barbera's car dealership on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Last night, Finkelstein, also a University of Pennsylvania master's-degree candidate in liberal arts, told "Inside Edition," aired locally on CBS 3, that she never intended to offer sex for tickets in the ad that she placed on Craigslist that read:


"Diehard Phillies fan - gorgeous tall buxom blonde - in desperate need of two World Series Tickets. Price negotiable - I'm the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!"

"I was looking for a way to get reduced World Series tickets," she told "Inside Edition." "If I can flirt with someone and maybe get cheap tickets, more power to me."

But police said that Finkelstein wasn't merely flirting with the undercover cop posing as a ticketholder at a Bensalem bar on Monday night, even though a source familiar with the case described the cop as "a stud of studs."

Bensalem Public Safety Director Fred Harran said that Finkelstein proposed various sex acts in exchange for a ticket. And she then asked if he had another ticket. The undercover cop said that his brother did, and she offered to have sex with both men for the two tickets.

Her attorney William J. Brennan, said that while the ad had "double entendres," his client never mentioned "sex" in exchange for the tickets.

Brennan called the exchange the result of a "nice lady overcome with Phillies fever" and an "overzealous cop."

For other fans seeking free tickets the old-fashioned way, Chio's show is giving away Phillies tickets at 8 a.m. today, tomorrow and, if necessary, Monday for the other Phillies games.