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MAN DOLLS IN MALVERN: Inspired by her Flyered-up daughter Quinn, 20, Phoenixville hairstylist Jody Rabenau designed and hand-sewed Flyers jerseys for her 2-foot-high, anatomically correct, Asian ball-jointed dolls, Baz and Sergei.

They make their public debut today in the window of Robert Michael's Salon in Malvern, where she works.

"I honestly try not to buy into silly superstition," Rabenau said, "but I'm telling you, the Flyers have won more games when I'm sewing doll clothes and watching than when I'm just watching. Coincidence?"

Mother and daughter watch the Flyers together "or text each other madly when Quinn's watching elsewhere," Rabenau said. "I'm such a sucker for the whole underdog, come from behind thing, and the Flyers have been such an inspiring story of heart and never giving up. Oh, my God, they HAVE to win!"

HE DRANK FROM CUP: Overbrook-raised congressman Bob Brady, who made a Stanley Cup bet with Illinois congressman Dan Lipinksi (10 cheesesteaks vs. two Chicago-style pizzas), was so Flyered-up on the phone yesterday, he could barely get his words out fast enough.

"Flyers' first Stanley Cup: 1974," Brady said. "I was one of them guys who jumped on the ice! Me and 2,000 other people. The cops didn't know how to handle us. I mean, who knew from a Stanley Cup back then?

"I'm on the ice. Flyers are running around like nuts. Dave Schultz pushed me hard. But I snuck into the locker room and drank from the Stanley Cup! True story! I'm a Flyers nut!"

Brady got into that game without a ticket. "A friend was the ticket taker," he said. "All you had to hand him was something that looked orange. I gave him an empty Marlboro box. Red, orange - he wasn't paying attention. He ripped it in half and let me in."

Meanwhile, Mayor Nutter will labor in a Philly community garden and donate the veggies to Philabundance or to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, depending on who wins. Mayor Daley will send Windy City delicacies if the Flyers win.

LUCKY BABY TESSA: Proud papa Bill Hazlett, 21, raised in Wissinoming, now

living in Marlton, N.J., says that ever since his daughter Tessa, 5 months old, started wearing her first Flyers outfit, the team is 8-1 (4-0 when she wears it during games). And she doesn't even know the words to "God Bless America" yet!

NEW BULLIES TEE: Just arrived at the Abakus streetwear shop on 10th near Race are some "Bullies" tees with attitude, featuring artist Gabriel Pomerantz's portraits of Cup immortals Bernie Parent, Bobby Clarke and Dave Schultz. The "I" in "BULLIES" is made of surgical stitches.