WASHINGTON - Brett Brown is a history buff and loves to fill his head with knowledge of historical figures. That's why he took his team to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in the nation's capital on Sunday.

"Just to recognize the day, recognize being in this city," Brown said. "It's a privilege to play on this day. Everybody understands the significance of this day and we wanted to respect the situation and pay a little bit more attention, especially for our young guys."

Earlier this season, during a practice the day after Nelson Mandela died, Brown read to his team many of the struggles Mandela endured and the accomplishments he achieved. The coach knows there is so much more to life than putting a ball into a basket, and he wants to share that as often as he can.

Injury updates

The trainer's room was a virtual MASH unit in Chicago on Saturday after the Sixers were torched by the Bulls, as Tony Wroten, James Anderson and Brandon Davies all suffered injuries. Anderson was able to play yesterday after getting kneed in the back on Saturday, but the other two still were sidelined and may be for a while.

Wroten was getting work on his sprained right ankle yesterday afternoon in the training room before the game, but Davies was nowhere to be found. He hurt his pinkie against the Bulls and Brett Brown was a bit elusive when asked about the digit, saying the team still is monitoring the situation. Wroten's ankle is also a bit of a mystery as it looked pretty bad when he went down.

"I think possibly [it might linger]," Brown said. "He goes through all the recovery stuff and lives in that ankle boot and gets the treatment, the repetitive treatment. He's been good and we're just trying to stay on it, but it could linger for a while. The swelling wasn't as much as we expected and I do know the pain level is not as high as we expected. I think those are good signs that he may be back sooner than we originally thought as he laid on the floor for a minute. You just don't know. I feel like this one is going to, perhaps, not be as severe as it first looked."