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ESPN's Bayless: Sixers suckers in Bynum trade

According to Skip Bayless of ESPN, there’s really no reason for the 76ers to await anxiously the results of Andrew Bynum’s Dec. 20 checkup.

According to Skip Bayless of ESPN, there's really no reason for the 76ers to await anxiously the results of Andrew Bynum's Dec. 20 checkup.

Bayless, one of the hosts on ESPN's "First Take," said on Tuesday's show that the Sixers were the suckers in the four-team trade that landed Dwight Howard with the foundering Los Angeles Lakers.

"I spoke the other day to a very reliable Sixers source -  I spoke to somebody I trust - who told me and confirmed to me Andrew Bynum's knees are shot," Bayless said.  "We're talking about beyond repair, progressive arthritis, deep degeneration, unfixable.

"The source said that he will try to play," Bayless continued. "He might even occasionally over the next year or two have a decent game here and there. But long-term this will get only worse – only worse.  So bottom line, the Sixers got taken in this trade that ultimately landed Dwight Howard in Los Angeles."

Bynum on Monday said that his right knee, site of the first bone bruise,  feels fine, adding that it is the left knee, the one he hurt while bowling, that is causing him pain.

"There is nothing I can really do about it; it's arthritis in the knees," Bynum said. "The cartilage is missing so that's not something that's going to re-grow itself.  Maybe in the future, next three to five years there may be something out there that really does help. For right now it's kind of just a waiting game."