Doug Collins, perched on an inflated training ball, watched as associate head coach Michael Curry instructed during a defensive drill.

It was a boxed closeout drill that required four players to sprint in, touch hands, and then dart out to their respective offensive players.

Curry stood dead-center along the baseline and offered intermittent instruction.

Collins, who last season made his voice heard early and often, did not say a word; he's taking a different approach this season.

"I don't want them to hear a lot of me," Collins explained. "They're going to hear enough of me. I do my teaching, and I step away and our assistant coaches coach. The first day of practice, I don't think they heard my voice for two hours."

The 76ers completed their third day of training camp on Sunday with two practices inside Hagan Arena on the St. Joseph's campus.

The only player missing from Sunday's sessions was veteran center Tony Battie, whom Collins expects to arrive soon, possibly as early as Monday. Center Spencer Hawes, who signed his $4.1 million qualifying offer on Sunday morning, joined the team for both practices. Even managing owner Joshua Harris and Sixers CEO Adam Aron were present for Sunday's morning session.

"It's his first chance to be here and see the guys and see the thing he has invested in - and get excited," Collins said of Harris. "The games and the basketball is the fun part, so finally he's getting to see that side of it."

The Sixers spent Sunday's morning session running through plays and breaking down drills; the night session was reserved for more live action. Point guard Jrue Holiday, nursing a left Achilles tendon strain, did not participate in Sunday night's scrimmage.

Collins said the coaching staff has set two specific goals for this year's team: to shoot 47 percent from the field, which would likely put them in the top 10, and to produce 35 defensive deflections a game.

"All of those seeds and all of that stuff were planted last year," Collins said. "And now we just have to nurture it."

Evan's J. Second-year guard Evan Turner spent three months in the offseason working on his outside shot with local legend Herb Magee. Turner met with Magee more than 25 times.

So is his shot improved?

"The more repetitions I get, I think you'll definitely see an improvement in percentages," Turner said.

Turner said he's not going to shoot more from the outside just to prove that his shot has improved.

Rabid feedback. Harris said he's been impressed with the amount of feedback the new owners have received, particularly with comments concerning the choice of the team's mascot.

Last week, the team put out three potential options - allowing fans to vote for their favorite - to replace Hip Hop.

"We're getting lots of input: some very good input, some that we're off the mark," Harris said. "We're listening hard, and we're going to try to do what the fans want us to do."