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Sixers CEO is listening to fans

How does a modern CEO invigorate a weary franchise such as the 76ers and build excitement among fans? Tweet by tweet.

New 76ers CEO Adam Aron (right) has taken to Twitter to get the word out about his team. (Akira Suwa/Staff file photo)
New 76ers CEO Adam Aron (right) has taken to Twitter to get the word out about his team. (Akira Suwa/Staff file photo)Read more

How does a modern CEO invigorate a weary franchise such as the 76ers and build excitement among fans?

Tweet by tweet.

A sampling:

SixersCEOAdam Hi Philadelphia. I am Adam Aron, new CEO of the NBA's 76ers. Am working 100 mph to transform fan experience at the Wells Fargo Center. 27 Oct

SixersCEOAdam On Twitter as NewSixersCEO for a mere 4 days and already have more than 1000 followers. Shows strong interest in Sixers in Philadelphia. 1 Nov

   SixersCEOAdam Reading fan comments at Not much love for Hip Hop mascot? What is it about Hip Hop that you find annoying?#Sixers 14 Nov

SixersCEOAdam As for dark lighting in stands like Lakers, I have already checked. Requires a $1 million upgrade to lighting system. Not easy to fix. 14 Nov

SixersCEOAdam Easy: Wilt Chamberlain and Billy Cunningham! As 4 opponent: Bill Russell. @spelledwithaZ who was ur favorite basketball player growing up? 15Nov

SixersCEOAdam More wins, better show, cheaper prices, greater fan communication is our plan. RT @tdallday How r u going to get fans 2 come to the games? 20 Nov

SixersCEOAdam It's official. Hip-hop fell in love, married and moved to rural Pennsylvania to start a family. Will no longer be 76ers mascot. #Sixers. 22 Nov.

SixersCEOAdam Jim Henson Creature Shop (of Muppets fame) and Dave Raymond (original Philly Phanatic) to recruit new mascot. We listen to our fans. #Sixers 22 Nov

SixersCEOAdam Twitter-land, I'd so rather be talking basketball, but we're still talking mascots. I have a decision to make and need your help. #Sixers 23 Nov

SixersCEOAdam Drumroll, please. Decision fans have requested. #SIXERSMASCOT will be chosen by fan vote, from choice of three. In next few weeks. 27 Nov

SixersCEOAdam I am enjoying reading all the mascot tweets. Sixers fans do not lack for strong opinions. That's what listening to fans is all about. 6 Dec

  SixersCEOAdam I view my Twitter followers as 3463 management consultants (and growing). Keep the tweets coming, good and bad. I eagerly read all. 6 Dec

SixersCEOAdam Want 76 wild fans: "76ers Revolutionaries" Paint body, die hair red white blue etc. Get free season tik. Apply: Dec 7

SixersCEOAdam @xEgan @preston76 @sixers Dont worry. We will do some dollar dog days. 9 Dec

guitarfer88 John @SixersCEOAdam suggestion, try to mend relationship between Sixers and Mo Cheeks, I believe he's bitter towards org after firing, great guy. 10 Dec

SixersCEOAdam @guitarfer88 That's 2 great tweets from you this week. I am reaching out to many Sixers alumni players. Want to rebuild the @Sixers family. 10 Dec

SixersCEOAdam So, it's Phil E. Moose. Not for mascot. @Sixers just hired full time the young man behind Moose and Dog on Twitter to run our social media. 12 Dec

Matty_Ice_215 Matt Wyszynski @SixersCEOAdam if I wear full red spandex suit and do crazy dances can I get tixs? 13 Dec

SixersCEOAdam @Matty_Ice_215 Apply to be one of 76ers Revolutionaries at 13 Dec

SixersCEOAdam LIGHTING. Hired most celebrated Broadway lighting team ever, nominated for 27 Tonys to light entertainment portions of the evening. @Sixers 15 Dec.

@howardeskin Can I trade in the Tony nominations for a championship? 15 Dec

SixersCEOAdam Have to do both! Must win more games and put on enhanced "show." 15 Dec

SixersCEOAdam Not much in last 8 weeks! Someone please remind me. Humans need sleep. @TheBSLine RT I'm not sure @SixersCEOAdam actually sleeps at all. 15 Dec

SixersCEOAdam @joy_ridin Rad dude I am!!! RT Haven't cared much for the NBA or the Sixers in recent years but this @SixersCEOAdam seems like a rad dude. 15 Dec

SixersCEOAdam @BSulecki80 Our many game enhancements r unveiled at home opener on Fri Jan 6, except taking our time on mascot to get that decision right. 16 Dec

SixersCEOAdam Doug Collins a basketball genius. He'll make right decision. RT @jayd2315 Your thoughts on Jodie Meeks starting over Evan Turner? 16 Dec

 SixersCEOAdam VIDEOS: Making 40 highlight videos of best all-time @Sixers players. Showing 3 each game. Done: Chamberlain, Barkley, Erving and more. Dec 17

SixersCEOAdam Believe it or not, it takes 2 YEARS for NBA to approve new uniforms. And new owners just got here. @BlissKris_When will we get new uniforms? 17 Dec

SixersCEOAdam Noooo! My man Brian, I am a Philly boy, born and bred. Abington HS class of '72 RT @brianmikus Adam hate that you're from NY but excited . . ."17 Dec

SixersCEOAdam @ljbrown9 @airgoldsmith Your 4 year old means alot to Sixers. Bring to free scrimmage at Palestra today 6pm. I will introduce to players. 18 Dec

SixersCEOAdam A great leader delegates. You can do it for me! RT @Razzle_ will you climb the Ben Franklin bridge, hang a sixers flag, if we go to finals? 18 Dec

Stay tuned!