Broad Street Baller's head is spinning after the 76ers split two nail-biters with Boston, but less-frazzled fans fearlessly forecast what needs to happen Wednesday night for the young, underpuppy Sixers to go up 2-1 on the wizened but wiley Celtics.

SIXERS RAP: Lamont "Monty G" Anderson, the 380-pound South Philly hip-hop dancer who leads the behind-the-basket crowd in cheers at every home game, rapped his analysis of Game 3:

"You can deal with that

You can deal with this,

But if Boston comes to Philly,

They're going home pissed!"

Interpreting his bold rhyme, Monty G told Broad Street Baller, "Boston has stars but they're older now. They been there and done that, but they get tired. We have young players who are eager. If we play as a team, we can be there and do that, too.

"When I'm dancing and going, 'Lew! Lew!' or 'Dre! Dre!' or "Ain't nothing but the Sixers, BAY-BEE!" the fans go wild, and the Sixers feed off the fans. The cheering just hypes them to a point where they say, 'I got to do this.' And they do."

'DOC Z' PICKS 76ERS: Zane "Dr. Z" Major Sr., 55, of Olney, who made the halls of fame at Roman Catholic as a center/forward and at St. Joseph's University as a 2-guard/small forward, scrimmaged against Doug Collins at St. Joe's in the late-'70s.

"While Dr. J and George [McGinnis] were busy combing their hair to get out of there after Sixers practice, Doug would stay and do two-on-two drills with us St. Joe's players," Major told Baller. "That's how hard he practiced. That's his mind-set."

And that's what Major believes gives the Sixers the edge vs. the Celtics.

"These games are so ugly to watch, it's almost like there's a teaching moment on every play, and Collins is a great teaching coach," Major said. "We have to be aware of Ray Allen because if he gets hot, we're going to have some issues. And stopping Garnett is the key to stopping the Celtics, so Lavoy Allen and Spencer Hawes have to keep pushing and shoving him, wearing him down, to get to a fourth quarter we can handle. We can do this." n

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