THE SIXERS might have chuckled at Kevin Garnett's comments about their fans, but they neither agreed nor appreciated them.

"We'll see the fans tomorrow," Elton Brand said after Tuesday's light practice. "We appreciate our fans. We know we have their support and they've got our backs. I'm sure they're going to show him how fair-weather they are tomorrow."

Following the Celtics' 101-85 victory in Game 5 on Monday night in Boston, Garnett said Philadelphia fans weren't as loyal as Boston fans. He described Philly-area fans as "fair-weather," a different kind of four-letter f-word, but one just as caustic.

"Take that how you want," Garnett said, putting a virtual exclamation point on the statement.

"He's been in this league many years, he's a [nine-time] All-NBA player, Hall of Fame guy," Andre Iguodala said. "He's seen it all and been coached by great coaches and been around great players. All of that stuff plays a factor in his preparation for the game. We just can't let it affect us."

Iguodala acknowledged that the Boston crowd did play a factor in the Sixers' lackluster second half on Monday when Boston outscored the Sixers, 54-35, and grabbed a 3-2 series lead. Game 6 is at 8 p.m. Wednesday at Wells Fargo Center.

"Our offense kind of got stagnant," Iguodala said. "We didn't do as good a job as we could have working together.

"Their crowd gets into it. They're loud and we can't relay the plays back and forth to each other.

– Ed Barkowitz