LEBRON JAMES, already a major star in the NBA, could soon become a Hollywood headliner too.

According to Deadline.com, James will co-star with Philly's own Kevin Hart in a basketball comedy titled "Ballers."

It's sure to be a suspend-belief flick as the 6-8 James and 5-3 Hart are cast as brothers.

Sounds like a hoops version of "Twins," which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and the vertical-challenged Danny DeVito.

The plot has Hart taking a backseat to King James who is an NBA star (what a stretch for the big guy). In a twist, Hart gets to show what he can do on the court when he and some buds sign up for an weekend fantasy camp in Miami.

Don't be surprised if Hart shows off some moves. He did, after all, play varsity b-ball at Washington High. Hart is co-writing the film, expected to start production in the summer.

Gronk is cranked

Props to profootballmock.com for its satirical piece about the Patriots' Rob Gronkowski, a well-known party animal.

The first graph of the story says it all:

Citing their "deep concern for the public welfare as well as the safety of all game attendees," Gillette Stadium officials announced today a new policy to halt all beer and other alcohol sales to Pro Bowl TE Rob Gronkowski immediately after the start of the third quarter during all Patriots home games for the remainder of the season.

The story went on to say that stadium vendors expected their sales to drop "35-40 percent." Good stuff.

Super sellout

If you were thinking about buying commercial time during the Super Bowl, well . . . think again. All the slots are sold out - at a record $4.5 million per 30-second commercial.

Oh, well, there's always next year.