LOS ANGELES – 76ers center Joel Embiid is talking to doctors here about the torn meniscus his left knee while the team is in town to face Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday and Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

"We are trying to study his path and go about it meticulously," coach Brett Brown said, "and really sort of help create an environment while he is with us where he's a part of the team."

The Sixers announced on March 1 that Embiid would miss the rest of the season due to the injury. He is expected to have surgery.

Embiid is meeting with the doctors to talk about the best next step.

"It's all on the table, trying to do homework," Brown said. "There's nothing like to me [that is] news in what I just said. We are just feeling it all [out].

"He's got an inner circle around him that's helping guide him. We are just taking all the information in. Ultimately, he's the one that has to feel comfortable with it."

There are three types of surgeries for a torn meniscus. A partial meniscectomy is the most common. That involves the removal of the torn piece of the meniscus. A meniscal repair is the second type of surgery. That one fixes the damage and helps to prevent deterioration. It's a more complex surgery and has a longer recovery time. It's not always an option. The tear has to be in an area that has blood supply.