By now, most 76ers fans know their team is interested in being a buyer before Thursday's 3 p.m. trade deadline.

Coach Brett Brown acknowledged Tuesday that the Sixers need someone to provide bench scoring and perimeter offense. Brown added that he and the team's president of basketball operations, Bryan Colangelo, talk about trades "many times during a day."

However, the players say they're going about things as if there's not a deadline. JJ Redick was asked whether he would be surprised if a deal is made or not made. "I literally haven't given it two thoughts," he said.

"Truthfully, I haven't even spoken to anyone on the team about it,"  Redick added. "That's up to Bryan and Brett and ownership to figure that stuff out. We just need to go play."

The Sixers are among the teams interested in acquiring Tyreke Evans from the Memphis Grizzlies. Memphis wants a first-round pick as part of a package for the Chester native. However, the Sixers aren't interested in surrendering a first-rounder at the deadline, reportedly offering only second-rounders in any trade. They'll have four second-round picks in June's draft.

"I'm trying to challenge myself with how you help your bench," Brown said. "How do you help us score more? I think the interest of shooting probably some more threes interest me. … But I feel perimeter shooting and helping score, those types of things come to my mind."

Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams and Atlanta Hawks guard Marco Belinelli and center Dewayne Dedmon are also reportedly on the Sixers' radar for a possible trade.

"No one's really stressing about it," T.J. McConnell said of the trade deadline. "We can't really think about it. That's up to BC [Colangelo] and [Sixers vice president of player personnel] Marc [Eversley] to decide.

"We are just here coming to each day and playing hard."

Several teams in playoff races are looking to upgrade their rosters before the trade deadline. Other squads are looking to dump players who haven't lived up to their salaries.

"The problem right now across the league is [there are] a lot more sellers than buyers," Redick said. The contracts signed in [2015-16]  that people are trying to get off are tough to move, because everybody is looking at tax implications.

"So it wouldn't surprise me if a ton of things happen league-wide, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was quiet deadline."