WHO: Ronald Toby, Philadelphia

OCCUPATION: Retired SEPTA mechanic

WHAT: Sterling silver plate presented to Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia Warriors, For Outstanding Achievement in Pro Basketball, Honored by the Dapper Dan Club of Pittsburgh, February 5, 1961. However, "Chamberlain" is misspelled in the engraving as "Chamberain."

CONDITION: Some very minor tarnishing. Otherwise, it is excellent.

HOW IT WAS ACQUIRED: "Wilt gave the plate to my aunt, Elsie Sloan, who was a friend of the Chamberlain family. Because the Dapper Dan Club misspelled his name, he had no desire to keep it. Aunt Elsie passed it down to her grandson, Grafton. Grafton gave to me in exchange for helping him tear down a chicken coop and fix the septic tank on his property in 1974. I have had it ever since."

WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS WORTH? "I would say between $10,000 and $20,000 for anybody who happened to be interested in Wilt Chamberlain collectibles."

WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS: "During the 1940 to '60s era, athletes were often awarded with various silver presentational pieces such as platters, bowls, and trays. The Dapper Dan Club is a notable name with regard to such awards from the period and while not a significant league related award it still carries excellent value."

ESTIMATED VALUE: $2,000-$3,000.