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Sixers to cut fees on tickets

Following their announcement of cutting ticket prices, the Sixers announced that they have cut fees for tickets purchases at the team's website.

The team said it will eliminate order fees and delivery method fees, according to a news release. The idea came from fan comments made at and Adam Aron's Twitter account @SixersCEOAdam.

"On the first day of new ownership, the Philadelphia 76ers reduced ticket prices on nearly 9,000 seats for every Sixers home game," CEO Adam Aron said. "Today, in response to fan comments, we are also announcing a massive reduction in online ticketing fees as well. With these two pricing moves, we have made it much more affordable for Philadelphia sports fans to enjoy Sixers home games in person which begins with the home opener in a few weeks."

In the 2011-12 season, there will now be only one comprehensive online ticketing fee of 14.25% of the face value of the ticket, with a $4.00 minimum charge. Last season, the ticketing fee was never less than $6.50. There was also an order charge and a delivery charge that ranged between $6.50 and $9.50 per order on top. These order and delivery fees have also been eliminated effective immediately.

For example, this season anyone purchasing four $30 tickets will have $17.10 in fees. Last year, the same tickets would have had $44.50 in fees, resulting in savings of $27.40.