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Reaction to the Sixers-Timberwolves deal that shook the NBA

What fans, experts, and jokesters are saying about the Sixers-Timberwolves Jimmy Butler trade.

Jimmy Butler is headed to Philadelphia.
Jimmy Butler is headed to Philadelphia.Read moreMARK J. TERRILL / AP

The Sixers took a swing for the fences on Saturday, trading for one of the NBA's elite players.

In the deal, they sent fan favorites Dario Saric and Robert Covington to Minnesota for Jimmy Butler, an All-NBA wing disgruntled with his situation in Minnesota. The reactions varied from excitement at the Sixers' newly formed title contender and the value of the Sixers got in the trade:

Flyers fans were excited:

But, other fans were upset to say goodbye to Saric and Covington, two players that came up with the team during the dark Process days:

And of course there are chemistry concerns. Butler requested a trade from Chicago two seasons ago because he was unhappy. He got traded to the Timberwolves, who he was unhappy with because of the team's two young stars Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Will he be cordial with Joel Embiid's fun-loving spirit, Ben Simmons' ball dominance and Markelle Fultz's … situation?

Philly athletes got into the action, too: