JJ Redick will be in a 76ers jersey for the 2018-19 season after agreeing to a one-year deal with the team on Monday.

Redick brings more than roster stability and veteran status  for the Sixers: In his 12th NBA season, he has shown no signs of slowing down. Last season was one of the most efficient and productive of his career.

There's no doubt that the same — and possibly more — will be expected of Redick, one of the league's best shooters, heading into next season. So now is a good time to dig into what Redick was able to do alongside Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and the rest of the Sixers.

Three-point shooting

Redick's ability to scramble around screens and shoot from long range was the main reason the Sixers signed him to a one-year, $23 million contract last summer. In five of the last six seasons, he took 420 or more three-pointers. In each of the last four seasons, Redick shot 42 percent or better from beyond the arc.

Last season — his first with the Sixers — Redick attempted 460 three-pointers in the regular season, the second most single-season three-point attempts in his career.

Overall shooting consistency

In his most productive shooting seasons, Redick has been incredibly consistent, taking between 870 and 940 shots and maintaining a field goal percentage in the mid to high 40s. With the Sixers, it was no different. He took 879 shots, hitting 46 percent of them while maintaining the sixth-best free-throw shooting percentage in the league (90.4).

Of guards who played 70 or more games last season, Redick had the 16th-best field-goal percentage and seventh-best three-point percentage, and he did so while averaging just 30.2 minutes per game.

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Non-shooting stats

With the Sixers, Redick had the best rebounding season of his career: He grabbed 171 boards (while dishing out 210 assists) over the regular season, the second most in his career.

Despite turning 34 last week, Redick is playing a young man's game. Of guards who played in at least 70 games last season, he had the ninth-best defensive rating (102.1) and was second in pace while playing on one of the fastest teams in the league.

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Playoff performance

Redick has reached the playoffs in every season he's been in the league. While it is normal to see a slight decline in production in the postseason because the defense is more tailored to an opponent and the stakes are higher, Redick has been able to show consistency and improvement.

He shot 44.4 percent from the floor in the Sixers' playoff run, an increase over the last three postseason appearances he had with the Clippers. He shot 34.7 percent from three-point land in the playoffs this year, but he did so while taking 7.5 three-point attempts per game, a career high.

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What to expect

The Sixers will continue filling out their roster over the next few weeks, but Redick's return locks down the starting two-guard position.

With Ersan Ilyasova and Marco Belinelli signing free-agent deals with Milwaukee and San Antonio respectively, the hope is the Sixers will find some relief in the form of shooters for the second unit.

Redick, on his second consecutive one-year deal, will no doubt be looking to make as big an impact as possible to hopefully secure a lengthier and more stable contract next summer — whether that contract comes with the Sixers or elsewhere.

Under Brett Brown, whom Redick admires and respects, the NBA veteran will again take on a  leadership role. That's good news for one of the league's youngest teams.