LONDON – Tuesday was long and enjoyable.

It was long because yours truly decided to play tourist before heading over to the Boston Celtics' and 76ers' media availabilities. It was enjoyable because of the advice received from the first of three taxi drivers.

Upon jumping in a cab at 11 a.m., I told my driver to take me to the London Bridge. His response was, "You sure you don't mean the Tower Bridge?"

After realizing I didn't know the difference, he made a suggestion that was appreciated. My taxi driver drove me to the London Bridge to look at the iconic Tower Bridge.

Glimpsing at the Tower Bridge in the distance was an amazing sight. So much so, that I had to get closer.

And that was my best decision in some time. But it wasn't because of the bridge. To be real, I stopped thinking about it after noticing the Tower of London along the path.

Everything from the Traitors' Gate to the entrance to the Jewel House (where the Crown Jewels are kept) to the Scaffold Site to the White Tower and Yeoman Warder guided tours were amazing. So were the Coldstream Guards who patrol the Jewel House. Just don't tell them I said that. Those brothers are rude: They wouldn't say a word as I tried to strike up conversations. (Honestly, everyone knew they wouldn't. But hey, it's fun to at least try, right? I thought so.)

The only frustrating part of being inside the structure was not having enough time to enjoy everything. There were media availabilities and practices to attend. So I jumped in another taxi around 1:30 to catch up with the Celtics at 2 p.m. at CitySport.

Once their media availability concluded, one would have assumed we were back in Philly. That's because the Sixers' Flight Squad and mascot Franklin put on a show for the youth at the Jr. NBA Clinic. After that, the Sixers participated in what had the vibe of an NBA All-Star game media day.

The place was packed with European reporters. Most of the questions were good. A few were crazy and outdated: One reporter asked Dario Saric if he believed in Sam Hinkie and "The Process." Saric did a great job of not saying anything in a well-mannered way. I walked away realizing that my international colleagues know the game.

Following practice, I had a great conversation with my third taxi driver. We talked about Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Boston.

There's nothing like a day filled with history lessons, basketball and conversation.

Tuesday was actually better than Monday. Now, I'm wondering what Wednesday will bring.