Philadelphia native Kevin Hart was a hot topic after Game 2 with the Heat's Dwyane Wade saying he used Hart's court-side chirping as motivation in Miami's 113-103 victory.

When Sixers fans heard Wade's comments, they were ready to jump train, with some saying Hart should be banned from Sixers games.

Wade later insinuated that Hart was not welcome in Miami, and Hart responded on social media.

"See you in Miami," Hart said on Twitter. "It's not over."

Of course, the stars' banter is all in good fun, but it didn't stop the Heat players from continuing the rivalry Thursday morning ahead of Game 3 between the Sixers and Heat.

"We're not friends right now," Wade said. "We made it very clear we're not friends now. We will be friends after the playoffs are over with. We're not friends, I don't like him."

Miami's Wayne Ellington, who is a native of Wynnewood, laughed about Hart trying to get a rise out of the Heat, and fired back with jokes about Hart's height and the comedian's past indiscretions.

"Kev and his little self over there talking trash," Ellington said. "He said he's not allowed to come to Miami because his wife doesn't let him, so we'll see. … That's what he said. I think he got into a little trouble down here if I recall."

The trouble that Ellington was referring to was a video that surfaced last July of Hart, who is married, with another woman outside a South Beach hotel. Ellington went on to say Hart had started the trash talk before Game 2 tipped off Monday. While Ellington was stretching, the comedian came by to share some words.

"I was like, 'Sit your little butt down, man,' " Ellington said. "It all fun and jokes, though. He's a comedian, so that's his job."

Still no official word on whether Hart will be attending Thursday's Game 3 in Miami.