PHOENIX — Joel Embiid's practice regimen for the most part is about receiving treatment, studying game tape and putting up shots.

It involves "getting medically worked on a lot," 76ers coach Brett Brown said of his standout center. "You know, taking whatever we can in that time line and helping him physically get better."

Embiid has been limited during Sixers practice sessions after recovering from left knee surgery in March. He also has been dealing with back tightness and has yet to be cleared to play on consecutive nights.

"The good news is we are seeing progress where he can slowly start to do things more with the team," Brown said. "He had one of the rare times he actually did come in and do stuff with the team, pre-Trail Blazers game."

For the last week and a half, Embiid has been more engaged in the practices. The Sixers are gradually giving him things to do in game-type settings.

But a large majority of a typical practice time for Embiid has consisted of studying and static exercises to prevent wear and tear on his body.

"The endgame is to make him a normal member of a team," Brown said. "He's amazing to date with the rules and the restrictions, the things that he's got to go through to play, game day, game night."