Brett Brown was asked one of the intriguing questions surrounding the 76ers.

What can the coach realistically get out of Markelle Fultz this season? Wednesday marked the 33rd consecutive game he missed because of right shoulder soreness and rehabilitation.  Fultz participated in a four-on-four scrimmage on Tuesday. The Sixers haven't disclosed a timeline for his return.

"It's a guess game," Brown said Wednesday. "It really is a complete guess. I'm always optimistic. You try to see the good in people and the bright side of things."

Brown said that while watching the four-on-four scrimmage, he was reminded that the first-overall pick "completely connects the dots to what we don't have."

The Sixers drafted Fultz because he's a complete offensive player. The combo guard can create his own shot in addition to creating shots for teammates.

"The design of our team was … with him in mind and Ben [Simmons] in mind," Brown said, "and then you have a bunch of Danny Greens. You do, you have a bunch of receivers."

Green is San Antonio's stationary sharpshooter.

With Fultz sidelined, the Sixers have struggled to create their own shots.

In four games, the 6-foot-4, 200-pound Fultz averaged 6.0 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.8 assists in 18.9 minutes before being shut down.

But his shoulder looked fine in the four-on-four scrimmage.

"I feel like, when you see in doses [Fultz] play, you are reminded of what he was brought in to do," Brown said,  "and why he was the first player chosen."

Fultz made 41.3 percent of his shots from the college three-point line while at Washington. Finding a shooter with his three-point ability was a priority for the Sixers. He can slide off the ball and be a solid addition next to Simmons.