After a few days of "pomp and circumstance," the Sixers and Celtics gave up their afternoon tea for an afternoon game in front of 19,078 fans in London's O2 Arena.

But because of the early start, and the highly touted matchup, all eyes were on the two Eastern Conference rivals. Here are some of the reactions to the action.

Kyrie Irving and Joel Embiid addressed the crowd before tip. Of course, Embiid urged them all to "Trust the Process"

The first quarter featured an aggressive Ben Simmons, who finished with 16 points, including two turnaround jumpshots that excited Twitter.

The Sixers built a 22-point lead midway through the second quarter, and as things were starting to get ugly, Jaylen Brown blew a kiss to the Sixers bench after hitting a three-pointer.

Something weird, but all too familiar happened from there. … The Sixers blew a double-digit lead.

The Sixers continued to melt down, and ended up losing, 114-103. But, even as the game was all but decided, there was one more firework: Ben Simmons vs. Marcus Morris.

Turns out, the Sixers' rookie, who grew up playing Aussie Rules Football, may have been trusting his instincts.

Morris seemed a little upset even after the game. …

But Ben Simmons seemed ready to move on.