In Philadelphia, Sunday will be centered on the NFC championship game when the Eagles host the Vikings.

The Sixers are no different.

Instead of practicing at home on Sunday and taking an evening flight to Memphis ahead of their road game on Monday, the Sixers rescheduled their flight to earlier in the day so they can comfortably watch the Eagles.

"We're going to head down to Memphis, we have a room waiting for us, we have a good spread of food waiting for us and we're going to enjoy this with the city of Philadelphia," Sixers coach Brett Brown said. "Stuff like this doesn't come around very often. So on behalf of our team we say, like the rest of the city, go Eagles."

Joel Embiid said that he wants to wish the Eagles luck and hopes that the home team can win even though he won't be there in person to cheer for them.

"Every time I go to an Eagles game they always win. I don't know if I've ever been to a game that they've lost, so hopefully they'll win. I'm going to be pulling for them," Embiid said. "I want to see it because it will be good for the city. Hopefully they win and then on to the Super Bowl."

Richaun Holmes, who said he is pretty sure he shares a barber with Eagles receiver Alshon Jeffery, said he's excited to watch the game and can't wait for the Eagles to win the NFC title.

Ben Simmons said the passionate Philadelphia fans, including himself, deserve to see a good game that ends in a win.

"I hope they win. I'm an Eagles fan now," Simmons said.