Talen Energy Stadium got a workout over the weekend and Union sporting director Earnie Stewart is not happy about it.

After the NCAA women's lacrosse tournament, the pitch needed a little manicuring.

Although the field didn't look too bad for Wednesday's Major League Soccer game against the Columbus Crew, it wasn't up to Stewart's standards.

"Lacrosse was in our stadium this last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it's been difficult for me," Stewart told reporters before the game. "I do have to say that [head groundskeeper] Johnny Torres with his group did an amazing job to get the field prepped, but still, you can see a couple lines. We had to resod parts of the field and everything."

Stewart was so upset that he apologized to his team for the condition of the field.

"It's my responsibility to make sure the players have the best possible way of winning games," Stewart said. "And that's on a good field with a good ball and good players around them."

Talen Energy Stadium will host the collegiate rugby championships this weekend. In September there will be a music festival. Stewart says he isn't against events, but suggested that during the Union's season, he would rather see only soccer being played at Talen Energy Stadium.

Of course, by doing that, the stadium wouldn't be maximizing its potential revenue sources. The MLS regular season goes from the beginning of March until the end of October.

"Once again, I understand it, that we have to have revenue and have to try to gain revenue," Stewart said. "But at the same time, I am pretty sure if we win games, everybody can identify with this team and [if] we play a game that people will like to watch, we will fill up the stadium."

Entering Wednesday, the Union averaged 17,025 fans during their first six home games in the 18,500-seat stadium.