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World Cup recreated with Legos

Here's a lighthearted way to start the morning.

Let's start this morning on a lighthearted note, shall we?

You might have seen a video moving around the web that recreates the goals from Saturday's United States-England game with Lego figures. Well, it turns out there's quite a bit more where that came from.

I found the original site where the video comes from. It's run out of Hannover, Germany by a fan who recreates the goals scored by German club Hannover 96 each week.

Despite my last name, I don't speak German at all. But from what I can tell, they're recreating the goals from one World Cup game each day. It looks like the word has gotten out about what they're doing, because their videos have been enhanced with help from some big European newspapers.

For the U.S.-England game, The Guardian synced the action with British TV network ITV's commentary. For Germany-Australia, the country's biggest paper, Bild, added commentary from German television.

I must confess that I was a Lego nut growing up, so I find the site really cool. But even without that, by far the best thing here is that they recreated the South African goal celebration dance. You can watch it and the U.S-England video below.

The Germany-Australia video can be found here. Apparently embedding isn't allowed, which is too bad. A full schedule of games that will be recreated can be found here.