Here's a look at some Super Bowl stories from national media outlets that are making news today.

Apparently, "Minnesota nice" goes only so far? In a video posted to Twitter by Sports Illustrated, Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey had some pointed words for Eagles fans descending upon his city this week.

"A big welcome to the New England Patriot and Philadelphia Eagles' fans. For Eagles fans, don't worry: We're going to be greasing all the lamp posts so you feel right at home."

(The video was recorded before Philadelphia police announced that light poles here won't be covered with Crisco because it wasn't slick enough to keep fans off them after the NFC championship game.)

Frey concluded on an upbeat note: "Come on out, have a great time and make sure you come back and visit us again."

Or so it seemed. The video then cut to him shouting off-camera, "Are we seriously welcoming those [bleeping] Eagles fans?"

Yes, hizzoner, you are.

And by the way: Frey is a Villanova law grad. So you'd think he knows what he's doing here.

2. New York columnist defends Philadelphia fans via the New York Daily News

I had to do a double-take when I saw this, but it's real. In a column titled "Jealous Vikings fans need to stop trying to ruin Super Bowl week for the Eagles," Manish Mehta does something you probably never thought you'd see from a prominent voice in the city you love to hate.

"There are losers in every crowd, but the movement by some Minnesotans this week to castigate Eagles players and fans is pathetic," Mehta writes. He later says: "Not all sports fans are saints. There are bad apples everywhere. Alcohol is too often the common denominator. It's not more prevalent in Philadelphia. So, Vikings fans should be gracious hosts, enjoy the Super Bowl festivities and rid themselves of this misplaced anger."

"A lot of people [are] thinking I jinxed it, but I don't believe in that kind of thing so I think we'll be all set," Northeastern University student Eddie Ferrini said.

Eagles fans have to hope he did indeed jinx it.

4. The Reason the Patriots Always Come Back by Kevin Clark, The Ringer

It's not the referees. Or, at least, this story offers a reason that is grounded more in science.

"Patriots players who've also played elsewhere said that many teams take conditioning far less seriously or fail to apply it as specifically as New England does," Clark writes. "Everyone focuses on explosion and being able to run short distances, but no one does it with more consistency, rigor, and smarts than the Patriots. … None of the Patriots I spoke with have played for a team with the practice consistency of the Patriots – the same practices in September as December."

5. The Mall of America has eaten the Super Bowl by Steve Politi, Newark Star-Ledger

You might have heard by now that the Mall of America is where the entire Super Bowl media operation is based. The teams' hotels are also nearby. But the mall is still open to regular people who want to shop there. Which means that if the crowds weren't big enough already, they're now becoming a bit ridiculous.

"As hundreds of journalists and former players are breathlessly broadcasting the latest NFL news around the globe, dozens of old ladies are breathlessly power-walking around the food court for their morning exercise," Politi writes. "One exasperated mall cop — is there any other kind? — estimated that the crowds were about three times a normal Monday afternoon."

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