(Nintendo Wii)

Tecmo (Developer and Publisher)


Continuing its lock on truly bugged-out concepts, the Wii platform expands its fare with a game that requires the main character to make use of dueling egos (completely visible, no less) to make his way through a puzzling puzzler.

Gamers will play as Ray, whose conscience is represented by a devilish character and an angelic one. Each of the two entities offers ways to make your way through the game by providing liquids used to spray objects through the many levels.

Uh? you ask.

Look, I said "bugged out," didn't I?

For instance, if you need to get across a ravine, but there is no ledge on the other side to use for a landing, the mischievous side of you can spray goo on the wall enabling you to stick to it after a jump.

A number of Hades creations blocking your path to success? Your better half's water spray has a holy-water effect on these demons.

And what would a game of bizarre takes on good and evil be without the use of a powerful regurgitation spray from your red-horned half?

I'll leave the rest of the uses of that maniacal mist for you to discover.

Drivers Ed Portable

(Nintendo DS)

JoWooD Production, DreamCatcher Interactive


This might be a gag gift for the 15-year-old kid who will be unleashed on the roads next year, to the detriment of us all. Or possibly something that could help temper the danger . . . for us all.

The good news is that this game offers the real questions for written driver exams from all 50 states, and if somehow you are reading this from Canada or Europe, rest assured this game has your tests covered as well.

I am just not sure how much "entertainment" can be had from such a title. Then again, maybe that's the point. Real-life driving isn't a game, and after every test you can see where you need to bone up on your driving knowledge. For example, we have all seen drivers who still can't figure out the double-segmented lines or the flashing red lights.

Maybe if this game had a wi-fi solution to avoid the DMV lines that await you, we might have something here. But as it is, this seems like a lonely road for gamers.