Bob Asher, a 22-year veteran of the Republican National Committee, dropped his bid this week for another term amid acrimony and infighting within the Pennsylvania GOP leadership over a plan to ease him out of the post.

In an email to state committee members, Asher disputed claims from Pennsylvania Republican Party Chair Lawrence Tabas about an evolving “unity resolution” that would have had him share a new four-year RNC term with state party secretary Andy Reilly.

Asher, of Montgomery County, told the committee members the process had become “destructive,” so he was dropping out “for the sake of party unity and the reelection of Donald Trump as president.”

Tabas, of Philadelphia, has not publicly endorsed Reilly, a former chair of the Delaware County Republican Party. But his efforts in the negotiations were in support of Reilly’s candidacy.

Clout hears Asher was open to splitting the term with Reilly, but his email said he rejected the political mechanics proposed by Tabas to make that happen.

The first version Tabas pitched on May 27 would have had both Asher and Reilly elected to a single RNC seat, with Asher serving until February and then being replaced by Reilly. The RNC last week said that violates party rules. The second version, proposed by Tabas last week, would have Reilly elected to a four-year term but then sign an “irrevocable proxy” allowing Asher to hold the seat for five more months.

“This is something I would not agree to as this would create too much confusion and too many questions about the process,” Asher wrote.

Reilly on Monday said he knew “for a fact” that Asher had agreed to the terms. Reilly said if he wins, he will still offer the seat to Asher until February. He now expects Asher to decline.

Asher, 82, a power in state Republican politics for four decades, did not respond to requests for comment. Vonne Andring, the party’s executive director, declined to comment.